Oxford First Book of Art

Oxford First Book of Art

I have received some email about the spine book for Harmony Fine Arts Grade One. I thought I would gather all my links here on the blog for readers who may be having the same trouble finding this book right now to use for Grade One.

Amazon does not appear to have it available new right now for some reason. It may come back again since this has happened before. In the meantime, there are several copies out there used at reasonable prices. I would snatch them up as soon as possible. (If you are reading in email or on a reader, you probably will need to click over to the blog to see the Amazon link.)

This would be the hardcover with the ISBN of 0195215567.

Please note this is an affiliate link to Amazon.com.

Updated June 2020:
I would check places like:

BetterWorldBooks (several copies available right now)

Alibris Books (many reasonably priced copies right now)

AbeBooks.com (reasonably priced inventory at this time)

I really love this book so it is hard to find something that will substitute. It seems like Amazon goes through cycles where they have the book available and then they don’t for a period of time. Keep trying and let me know if you need assistance from me in locating a copy of this book.

If anyone finds a source for The Oxford First Book of Art, I would greatly appreciate an email.

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Art and Music Plans @harmonyfinearts.org

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