Weekly Wrap-Up: Week Six Projects Finished

This week is our sixth week of school and many of our projects were six weeks in length. Finishing a project always feel so good! Here are the highlights of our week.

Robotics: Dragster Finished!
The assignment was to build the dragster as specified in the book, build the course, and test the dragster. After that he was able to go back and rebuild his dragster with any ideas he had to make it go faster and then run it down the course. He was able to improve the design and speed. Great job Mr. B.

Chemistry elements page
Chemistry this week was sort of ho-hum but the boys sent me the link to this website that goes along with the book The Elements Visual Exploration.  Both my sons love this book and have learned so much from the pages….I know they are learning because they spontaneously narrate little tidbits not only during their school hours but all throughout the week. Did you know that aluminum rusts? I didn’t.

egyptian coloring page
Artist and Composer Study
Mr. A has been focusing on Matisse and Prokofiev for the first six weeks of school. He used my plans from my Autumn Ebook to learn more about Prokofiev and listen to lots of his music. He also completed his study of Matisse (his final project was featured in last week’s wrap-up).

Mr. B has been enjoying Degas and Chopin. He found some wonderful Chopin pieces that we listened to over the six week period….my favorite ones were those that featured the cello. Mr. B also completed his study of Degas with a notebook page and a final essay on his thoughts and opinions about Chopin’s music. Mr. B also has been working on Egyptian art in addition to his artist and composer study….lots of art for him this year.

Ancient History was centered around a study of the Code of Hammurabi. Mr. B researched so much great information about this topic, sharing orally as he gleaned interesting things. As part of his finishing project on the Code, he wrote a five paragraph essay using the steps of IEW. I love how we can build on what we learned in the past with IEW and apply it to our current areas of interest. It is always easier to write when you have lots to talk about….like ancient cultures and their punishments for various crimes, cutting off of ears and hands as well as the old sink or swim test for determining guilt.

Gingerbread cookies
I think it is great that so many are following our weekly cooking projects. This week Mr. B made gingerbread cookies, start to finish all by himself. I love his gaining confidence in the kitchen and his ability to plan and follow a recipe. As the youngest child, I sometimes forget to offer to let him help in the kitchen so this course is helping train me to turn things over a bit to him. He made dinner tonight completely by himself…nothing fancy of course but chicken, zucchini, and rice were served and enjoyed. 🙂

Literature continues to be a source of great conversation. It is also the springboard for short writing pieces. This week Mr. A wrote a summary of Our Town, a descriptive paragraph about the setting of The Cask of Amontillado, and he did a bit of analysis of his poetry unit featuring Edna St. Vincent Millay. We enjoy listening to audio recordings of poetry since it is so nice to hear how it should be read. Try this one on YouTube and see what I mean. We also had fun watching the Vincent Price rendition of the The Cask of Amontillado…highly recommend this version to other high schoolers.

I think that wraps up this Weekly Wrap-Up post from our little corner of the homeschooling world. It hardly seems possible that it is October 1st today…time is flying by this year!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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