Comparing Harmony Fine Arts Plans with the Harmony Fine Arts Mini-Units

Harmony Fine Arts What is a Mini Unit

I have received quite a bit of email asking me the differences between my regular Harmony Fine Arts plans and the mini-units. Since the mini-units are something new, it may be helpful to make some distinctions between the two kinds of plans. Both choices are wonderful ways to add art and music appreciation into your weekly plans and it really just depends on what your goals are for art appreciation whether you want the mini-units or the full Harmony Fine Arts plans.

Mini Unit:

  • One artist and one composer.
  • 6-9 weeks long to complete depending on how in-depth you go and how much time per week you devote.
  • View art online with links, prints included in the ebook, notebookpages, follow-up activities.
  • Short biographies linked from the ebook for both artist and composer.
  • Suggested music to listen to with links from the ebook, notebook pages to follow-up, YouTube videos.
  • Suggested additional resources and books-for families who want to go more in-depth
  • Plans are written so you can use with the whole family.
  • $3.95 (or less) per ebook.

There are three mini units to choose from:

Vermeer and Haydn, Degas and Prokofiev,

and Van Gogh and Handel.


Harmony Fine Arts:

  • 32 weeks of plans. Usually 8 artists and 8 composers (depends on the year you are using)
  • Three options for art appreciation to pick and choose from.
  • Generally, option 1 is art to view online with links, option 2 is a little more in-depth with art appreciation books you purchase, option 3 is a schedule for Artistic Pursuits or another choice for art skills (depending on the grade)
  • Plans are generally written in the four year cycle of history suggested in a classical school program (Ancient, Medieval/Renaissance, 1600-1800’s, and 1850’s-Modern). Grade 1 is an overview year.
  • Composer study is very flexible and you can listen to any music you have on hand for the composer featured. There is also a book to purchase to go along with the listening.
  • Plans are usually written so you can include multiple ages with adaptations.
  • More in-depth looks at particular time periods.
  • More required resources depending on which options you choose.
  •  $17.44 for a digital ebook

All my mini-units are found on this page: Harmony Fine Arts Mini-Units.


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