Weekly Wrap-Up: Random Goodness

Primroses in January
Primroses in January!

We have been experiencing amazingly beautiful weather. Warm temperatures have allowed open windows and doors, hanging laundry outside, and long walks with the dog. This has been the best January as far as moods go that I can ever remember. No winter blahs yet so perhaps that is why school seems to be progressing well.

Modern History: I spent the better part of a day this week reading through Mr. A’s history book to glean topics for notebook pages and writing assignments, find speeches to read, YouTube videos to watch, and to decide on a few areas for further research. I’ve decided that 20th century history is something that you can not really dig into until the child is in high school. The issues and events are very complex and because they are not in the distant past they have a big effect on our everyday lives. Here are a few of the topics scheduled for the next term: Apartheid, Stalin, Fidel Castro, Civil Rights Bill, The Great Society, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK and MLK’s assassinations, Vietnam War, Space Race with Russia, PLO, IRA, Watergate, Ayatollah Khomeini……yikes! Can you see what I am talking about? These are topics that high school age children really need to read about, think about, and then talk about, responding and making sense of it all. Hold on to your seats, it is going to be a rough ride.

Art and Music Appreciation: Both boys started new artists and composers this week. Although it is nice to listen long enough to one composer to become familiar with their music, it is always refreshing to start a new composer. Mr. A is listening to Francis Poulenc and Mr. B is listening to Franz Liszt.

Have to share a funny YouTube….Victor Borge playing Franz Liszt.

It is only 2 1/2 minutes long so gather the kids…they may like it too.

Creative Writing: I haven’t updated you on our creative writing course in awhile. Since I couldn’t find anything as far a pre-planned course that fit our needs, I am making it up as we go along. Do you want some examples?

  • After reading The Cay, I assigned two short writing pieces. One was to write Old Timothy’s obituary and the other was to write a travel article for the island Timothy and Phillip were shipwrecked on together. 
  • After reading the first four chapters in The Giver, one assignment was to write a scene showing how it would be to have a “Speaker” in your house. (You need to read the book in order to understand what the “Speaker” is all about.)
  • After reading the short story, The Minister’s Black Veil, the assignment was to write the prequel to the story, explaining why Mr. Hooper decides to wear the veil. 

The process of pulling your own plans together is difficult. I try to come up with ideas that give jumping off spots and allow for creativity on my son’s part. He is enjoying the assignments and I wish I could share what he is writing but he doesn’t want me to share. 🙁

Here are some other images from our week.

Skateboard Trick
Skateboarding on a beautiful afternoon

Astronomy Photo of the Day notebook page
Astronomy Photo of the Day notebook page

Working on building RC plane Wing
Designing and building the wings for his new RC airplane

RC Airplane Wing in Progress
I have been teasing him that this is “recreational math”.

Chemistry Video Watching
Watching the videos that I linked to last week as part of their study of the periodic table has been wonderful!

School stuff 1 26 11 (3)
Doodling for my visual-spatial learner is a big part of his watching Thinkwell’s Government course.

So there you go…another week wrapped up and concluded. My thoughts are turning to my garden since I ordered some new seeds from Renee’s Garden. She is having a 10% off sale through 1/31/11…promo code EARLYBIRD.

How do you like the names of these flowers?

  • Watercolor Silks Dahlias
  • Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers
  • Bling Bling Zinnia
  • Hot Crayon Colors Zinnia

Those are a just a few of the new flowers that I am planning on putting into my new garden boxes (yet to be built). I can dream can’t I?

Hope you all had a great week…leave me a comment if you did a Weekly Wrap-Up and I will come over and see what you did this week!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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