Weekly Wrap-Up: Finding Balance Week

Sometimes I find it hard to spin all the plates at once…..my balance comes close to being off-center but then I realize that I need to walk away and do something to clear the thoughts and keep myself from getting overwhelmed. Over the years I have learned the warning signs and this week I was close to the tipping point.

Basketball Break
Mr. B balances his school day with a little basketball break.

I wanted to write a quick wrap-up post to share, especially since I didn’t write one last week. Here are some highlights and some photos.

Literature and writing: We finished the Iliad! This is the last time I have to cover the Iliad in my homeschooling career and I am breathing a sigh of relief. Three times through is enough for anyone in my opinion…this time was probably the most thorough coverage with Mr. B, partly because I have read it so many times but also because Mr. B loves this epic and did a great job with his notes and narration. We have two essays going right now and they are both going to be very interesting reads. Mr. A is writing about the development of the hydrogen bomb (chemistry *and* history) and Mr. B is writing about ancient Assyria and their battle tactics (idea from TOG history/writing).

Chemistry: We have hit our stride! It only took us until week 21 of the school year to find our rhythm for chemistry. Viewing this subject from the perspective of a living, breathing thing….we found ways to capture interest, develop some good questions, and then be able to write about what was learned. (Maybe we will end the year with a feeling of success after all.)

Zuchinni Bread
Baking: Mr. B made zucchini bread and dinner rolls for us.

Both boys have been working at odd jobs this week, saving up money for car insurance. Mr. A’s welding class took a field trip to an engineering business this week and he is all jazzed to learn some computer-related design for metal fabrication. Lucky for him his older brother has some expertise in this area and I will be encouraging some further investigation into what it will take to get him some skills in this area. It is great to see some sparks of enthusiasm as he explores the real world out there.

Books for Grade 2
Look at all that great stuff!

Here is where I have had my nose all week…deep into planning and writing new plans for Harmony Fine Arts Grade 2. Although it is hard work, it is also very exciting to find wonderful new resources to be used in interesting ways as part of the new plans. I am really looking forward to launching this new ebook/print version of Grade 2 which covers Gothic, Medieval, and Renaissance art.

I am off for a little hike with the family. I saw a field of mustard blooming when we were out and about this week and I want to go take some photos to share. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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