World Geography for High School: Harmony Art Mom’s Plans to Download

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After much procrastination on my part, I have finally finished putting our world geography plans from last year into a file for you to download. Here is what I wrote over on The Well-Trained Mind Boards about them:

I took a few hours today to pull together the rest of the plans to share. Here is the download:

These are free plans to anyone who wishes to use them in their family. Please do not resell these plans.

I have included in the pdf some information on how you can return the favor if you decide to use the plans for you homeschool.

Please be gentle if you have questions or find errors, I tried the best I could to gather everything for you together quickly.
And this too:

First of all…thanks for the love and appreciation for the geography plans. I know how valuable it is to have at least a skeleton to work from, adding and subtracting to fit your family. I need to mention again that the overall plan first came from Los Banos/Guest Hollow (Jennifer Guest). She pulled a lot of material together for the original plan and I just built from her foundation.

As far as credits, I gave them a full credit only because I counted hours spent in all aspects of the plans: current events (online, newspaper, and magazine reading), map work, country research and writing summaries, formal writing pieces, world religions, extra aspects like flora and fauna of each country, video watching, map skills tests, unit displays, and extra time with art and food for each country. More importantly, our weekly discussions were Socratic in nature…where I would give them leading questions and they would show me how they were connecting current events, past study of the history of countries, and then giving me some of their insights.

The internet community helped us a great deal as well. For instance in our study of China, my boys became interested in the 20th century story of Nepal and Tibet…the events and the conflicts still going on connected to those countries. We were able to actually ask someone who lives in China how the Chinese view Christianity, how they view people from Tibet and Nepal, and the overall conditions of families in that part of the world. We did the same in South Africa, contacting someone I know who lives there and asking them the hard questions. We spent a great deal of time making connections.

If you look at our plans we spend a great deal of time in the study of African countries. I decided this was an area that we had sorely neglected in our past study and it was time to delve in a bit. These led to really tough realities like child labor in the cocoa trade. Issues were brought up and we were able to discuss them openly and frankly.

This is what high school is all about! I am so glad that I stuck with it and hung in there to be able to see my boys blossom and grow into caring young men. This geography course was so much more than the plans, the credits, and the knowledge. It brought some more wisdom and caring into the hearts of two great kids. We now all have a greater view of the world.

The world map is still hanging in our living room and we use it every week as part of our everyday life. Tsunami in northern Japan…marked on the map. War brewing in Libya…marked on the map. New friend in Belgium….marked on the map.

I would encourage you all to devote at least part of a year to a more concentrated study of world geography and cultures. Although all of it will not go on the transcript, it will be instilled in the hearts of your children.

So there you go….hope someone can benefit from the planning I have done and make world geography happen in your high school years.

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