Call for Tips and Links: I Need Some Help – Reusable Bags, Anatomy, and Tapestry of Grace Trade

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I need to find the following things so if you have any information or links to share, I would greatly appreciate your help!

1. I would like to buy some pretty reusable grocery bags. I have looked on Amazon and Etsy but I can’t find anything I like for a price that seems reasonable. I would like both bags for groceries and bags for things like produce and bulk items (nuts, grains, spices).

2. I am planning my son’s Human Anatomy and Physiology course and I am looking for online resources, links to videos, suggestions for books in addition to a text (already have that picked out). He is interested in going into a medical field, not a full blown M.D. but perhaps radiology, ultrasound, physical therapy, or something like that. Any suggestions are welcome!

3. I am also thinking about looking for someone to trade Tapestry of Grace years with for next year. I have Year 1 and 2 (Redesign but not digital) that I would be interested in trading for Year 4 (Redesign print or digital*). I haven’t posted on the TOG board yet but I will probably do so next week. I could also trade Harmony Fine Arts plans for Year 4 or at least work that into the deal. Please email me directly: [email protected]

* Edit 4/21/11: Apparently with TOG you can not transfer the digital edition. From their website:
“When you buy Tapestry of Grace DE,you are not buying a copy of the curriculum. You are buying software which grants you the permanent right to use (and print) copies of the curriculum for your family’s personal use. LockLizard is controlled by a computer-specific license that you purchase.”
So I will be using my TOG Year 4 Classic once again next year because I just can’t see investing in another year plan for just one time through. It is a good plan but not my first choice for Mr. B. I will make it work. I appreciate the email from those willing to talk trading but it doesn’t look like it is within TOG’s rules.

That’s it for now….thanks for your help.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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