Book of Centuries Notebook Pages – Making a Timeline

There is nothing like a good timeline to tie lots of subjects, people, places, and events together.

Timelines - Sonlight Book of Time
Sonlight Book of Time with their sticker images from Homeschool in the Woods.

Our family has been a family of timeline makers since our early Sonlight days. We used Sonlight’s timeline book when the boys were younger along with their timeline figures. It was a handy way to get started with timelines.

Timelines - 20th Century Example
3-Ring Binder with images from Wikipedia and short typed captions to go along with Tapestry of Grace.

Along with our Tapestry of Grace studies, we started making our own timeline pages and the boys found their own clipart and images.

Timelines - Book of Centuries
Spiral Bound Sketchbook with pages adhered for each year…Mr. A’s choice.

Mr. A preferred to make pages on the computer with images and then to print them out and adhere them into a spiral bound notebook.

History Timeline Book of Centuries Notebooking Pages

Now that Notebooking has introduced their new timeline product, we are using these Book of Centuries pages to customize with our own images. Debra does offer a growing library of pages to go with your timeline and she is releasing more images each month if you are a Treasury Member.

In our high school study we are not using a large timeline that encompasses all our studies like we have done in the past. Instead, I am assigning shorter sections with a particular focus.

Timelines Book of Centuries Modern Times
Modern Times Base Pages from with images from Wikipedia for Modern Art. She also has divider pages that you can use as a cover or a marker….ready to be colored in with colored pencils or markers. Love it!

Mr. A is using‘s Book of Centuries base pages to make an art timeline of the 20th century.

Mr. A found this to be an easy way to make a narration showing his research…images from Wikipedia.

The pages available make it easy and does not take up a lot of his study time to put a beautiful timeline together in just a few minutes a week.

Helmet timeline (2)
Ancient Times Base Pages from Mr. B wanted to sketch from his history reading.

Mr. B sketched up a timeline showing various helmets used in warfare during ancient times. It was super easy to pull up the Ancient Times set, print off the required number of pages and have him complete the project as part of his history study.

Helmet timeline (5)
I love that he is able to easily personalize his narration to fit his mood.

He said that he really likes this kind of project and requested more pages for next week. I would say that is recommendation indeed coming from a high school age student. Do you think I will provide some pages? I am already thinking that his study of Paul needs a timeline of his travels. I will share when he finishes.

Ancient Times Notebooking Pages

I highly recommend the Book of Centuries set of notebooking pages which are included in your purchase of the Treasury Membership. The Book of Centuries and Timeline System that she has put together is much more than just timelines. You get spine labels, divider sheets, title pages, and additional pages which will make your timeline more like a unit study of the time period under study.
History Timeline Book of Centuries Notebooking Pages

The Book of Centuries notebook pages are just a small fraction of the pages available if you have a Treasury Membership.


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