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HFA Grade 4
Modern Art and Music

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 plans are now ready for your family. The new Grade 4 – Modern Times plans are available in both ebook and print editions.The ebook version includes everything in the print version plus art prints that you can print for your family. You can view a sample week with a detailed description of what a real week looks like here on my blog: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 Sample Week.

*36 Weeks of Plans – 6 artists and 6 composers. (See sample for a complete list.)
*Three Options for art and  improved plans for composer study. (See sample for Weeks 1-6.)
*Ebook format includes links to internet sources for viewing artwork, additional activities, and YouTube listening and viewing. (See sample for how much depth this gives your study if you wish it for your family.)
*Ebook and Print editions include notebook pages and coloring pages to use as a follow-up to your study. Grade 4 has more notebook pages to choose from than Grades 2 and 3.
*Ebook format includes art prints to view and/or print out for your personal use.
*Resources can be seen on my store.
*Newly revised plans for Drawing With Children….more in-depth with extra projects scheduled for each section.

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Ebook Version $17.44 

Print Version $19.95 plus postage.  
Please email me for shipping outside the US. [email protected]

I have revamped the Grade 4 plans to reflect updated materials available on the internet and on my blog. I also include more thorough instructions for picture study. Families will be required to purchase far fewer resources and the resources used are readily available. You can view the required materials at my store (click the different options and categories on the left side to view all materials needed).

The print version has the same content as the ebook version but the internet links will need to be typed in by the user. The print version also includes all the same notebook pages and coloring pages but because of cost the art prints are not provided. All artwork referenced in the plans is available for viewing on the internet with links provided.

I have endeavored to keep the plans on a grammar stage level and have left many activities and artists for the logic stage (Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8). Families with children in both age groups may want to purchase both plans but they will not directly correspond week by week. You may wish to print out the samples for both plans to compare artist and composer lists.

Please Note:
If you have a Grade 4 plan now and would like to trade it in for a new version, please email me as well. I know that some of you purchased the Grades 1-4 Bundle and if you are wanting to trade in your Grade 4 plans from that purchase for the new version, please email me as well.

I am totally flexible and will work with you if you communicate with me:
[email protected]

Practical Homeschooling Reader's Award
Harmony Fine Arts has been awarded Practical Homeschool Magazine’s Reader’s Award – Honorable Mention for both Art and Music Appreciation plans 

If you have any questions, please email me anytime.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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