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This post has been brewing for a few weeks and it will take some courage to post it up for all of you to read.

Mr. A had a wonderful graduation season shared with family and friends. He has a stack of cards and a lot of photos from the gatherings and now he is setting off on another road, a road that does not include college in the fall. He has set a course for himself that will be rather different and is shaping up to look more like a Gap Year experience, one that I never thought he would choose. (I enjoyed reading this article on Gap Years.)

He has goals for himself….travel, ministry to others in a variety of ways, and getting his pilot’s license.

It looks like at least for the fall semester he will be focusing on those aspects of his life that he hopes someday will come together as one career. Neither my husband or I have any problem with his goals….it is just scary to watch as he spreads his wings wider and wider and in this case to see him literally fly away.

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When we see our children taking their own road in life it is sometimes tempting to interfere, to insert our dreams into their lives. Not everyone needs to go to college straight from high school and some people don’t need to go at all. This particular son sees college as a tool and not as the ultimate goal. He will go when he needs to go and as I have seen over the last year he will find a way to learn what he wants to learn.

I already see the blessings being poured out on his decisions. Exciting and scary at the same time.

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Since the beginning of May he has accomplished all of these things totally on his own initiative:
1. Job shadowed an electrician.
2. Started and is near completing a certified course in forklift operation.
3. Helped sheetrock a new place of worship.
4. Started a new job and received a promotion.
5. Found someone to help him learn a particular type of welding (TIG)
6. Began self-teaching how to play the piano.
7. Reviewed his ground school textbook and studied the Private Pilot’s test book while on our camping trip.
8. Learned how to pull a trailer and back it up with confidence.

Okay, typing up the list helps me see that this is a child that can learn anything he puts his mind to when the time is right. We shall enjoy watching him grow in the year to come.

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