How To Set Up a History Notebook Using a Timeline and Notebook Pages

Modern Times History NB with Timeline (2)

I am busy getting ready for my high school age son’s study of Modern History. We sat and discussed how he would like to document his reading and research and his choice was notebooking and a timeline. I knew just where to go for some help!

Having a membership in’s Treasury is like having a whole notebook page store at your fingertips. I literally found what we were looking to use in a matter of two minutes. We decided the Book of Centuries pages were perfect and using the Modern Times set I printed out, hole punched, and inserted his whole first term’s pages quickly and easily. I know lots of my readers also use’s Treasury and I thought I would share how we are using Book of Centuries pages and you could adapt the idea to your family. These pages would work with any grade level.

Here are a few of the ways we used the pages.

Notebook Timeline Cover and Spine
I printed the title page and spine for the binder cover and this is why I like using the clear view binders. Doesn’t it look great? He will eventually fill in the cover once school is under way.

Modern Times History NB with Timeline (3)
I then went back into the Modern Times set and printed the timeline pages for the 20th century. I hole punched the pages so they are side by side. He will fill in the dates and either draw or use images from the internet to decorate his timeline as he goes through his week’s reading.

Modern Times History NB with Timeline (4)
Then he is going to pick two events or topics each week to complete notebook pages for and these will be filed by topic in the back part of the binder under the tabs.

Modern Times History NB with Timeline (1)
The Book of Centuries comes with these wonderful divider pages and I added a notebook page on the facing page for my son to make a “table of contents” for each section.

Notebook Timeline History Tabs
I also added sections with blank notebook pages for the spine history book and the DVD course he will be watching. He will keep notes, maps, quotes, and sketches in these sections each week.

This was a quick and easy way to set up his history narrations for the year. If he needs more pages, I will just pull up the Treasury, the Book of Centuries, and find an appropriate page to print for his work. Note: There are Book of Centuries sets for all time periods you might need in your history study.

If you would like to read more about how I use notebooking pages in my high school plans, you can read my Notebooking in High School Squidoo lens. I also wrote a blog entry that talks about how to pick content for your notebooking pages in this blog entry: Narration in Our High School Plans.  You also may want to read How To Choose Topics.


Free Notebooking Pages Sampler

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