What To Do With Space?

Fresh Start to a new room

Last week I told you about my oldest son moving out. Another milestone in our family.

This freed up a bedroom for Mr. B…the youngest in our family that has never had his own bedroom. The guys got together and repainted the walls of the room to freshen it up and I decided I would order some new blinds for the window. Mr. B has very little in the way of worldly possessions so it didn’t take long for him to settle in to his new space.

Empy Family Space 1

Now that he is in the bedroom, the family room space that he used to call home is empty, really empty. I actually have no plans for this space yet since the whole moving out experience happened so fast. This is the first time in 25 years that I have had space in the house and all children in bedrooms. Weird. Exciting.

Empy Family Space 2
I am thinking of making this where we have our television/DVD player system (we own this already), shelves (own these already) for games and books, futon for seating, lounging, and guests. I don’t want to put too much furniture out here because I like the openness. I already switched out the lighting…love the Frank Lloyd Wright look to this fixture and with two of them it really lights up this area nicely.

I would need a some artwork for the walls and perhaps another chair for additional seating when we all watch a DVD together. We don’t have cable or satellite so the only thing we do watch is Netflix that we order or watch instantly. The lighting is bright enough that this space can be a reading area as well and when I open the french doors out onto the deck, we can make the space even larger when we have guests over.

I like the color combination in THIS ROOM. The floor matches our floor. The walls are fairly close. I am looking at the futon in the light blue and I could pull in some red with pillows and the artwork for the wall. I love this sort of art from Georgia O’Keeffe: Red Poppies. I could also use some red accessories. If any of you have any ideas for how to pull off the design of the room in my space….send me links. I would love to support other moms on Etsy or who have their own shops.

I love that I have space in my home but the memories of a full house are still close to my heart. Maybe I ought to do a portrait wall of the kids, perhaps some images of them as they grew up. Maybe a mix of artwork and images of the kids…..now my wheels are turning.

Barb-Harmony Art MomĀ 

Remember my curtain issue from a few years ago? I don’t ever move too fast when I am designing a room so stay tuned for the future product…..keep me accountable!

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