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Note 9/3/11: This offer has expired. You can still purchase the Grades 1-4 Bundle without the mini-units. 

It has been a summer of researching and writing but the revised Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-4 Bundle is now available. All four grades are updated and now available as either ebooks or in print.

What could be better than having all four levels at your fingertips as you need them? I know that many of my readers are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers and wish to regularly offer art and music appreciation in your homeschooling week. Using the Harmony Fine Arts plans will make your planning so much easier.

Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-4 Artists and Composers Chart – Free Download!

From now until September 1, 2011, I am offering a blog special for all customers who purchase my 
Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-4 Bundle.
  • Order my Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-4 Bundle at the already discounted price using the button here in this entry and you will receive all of my Harmony Fine Arts Mini-Units for FREE! This is a $11.85 value.
  • Plus I will give you the option to purchase the bundle in either print or ebook versions….your choice!

With the special bundle offer you will receive free:

Vermeer Haydn Cover Button
Harmony Fine Arts – Vermeer and Haydn

Autumn Art and Music Cover
Harmony Fine Arts – Degas and Prokofiev

Summer 2010 Art Plans cover
Harmony Fine Arts – Van Gogh and Handel

For more information about the Harmony Fine Arts Mini-Units, you can read this BLOG ENTRY or click over to my Squidoo Lens.

Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-4 Bundle PRINT Edition – Shipped Priority Mail ($59.95 + $4.75 shipping)

Harmony Fine Arts Grades 1-4 Bundle EBOOKS – All links will be sent within 24 hours to your Paypal email address. ($59.95)

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