Watercolors and Inspiration

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I have been busy organizing our art desk (in the former empty room). I converted the desk the boys used for Legos into an art area for all of us. I purchased a few colorful organizers at Target and then I found this photo of the kids when they were much younger to put right there front and center. It makes me happy to see their cute shining faces looking out at me as I work.

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I shared my thoughts on this small set of watercolors on my Handbook of Nature Study blog last spring but I realized as I was working last night that I didn’t share on this blog. I use this set of Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box watercolors all the time because of the vivid color you can achieve. They are also very convenient when you are outside working in the garden or on the trail and want to capture a quick sketch in your nature journal.

See the brush there on the right? It is in sections so it will fit in the box. The one piece is actually a tiny vial for water if you want to carry it right in the set as well.

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Here is the brush all screwed together. I use it a lot when I am painting unless I need a really fine line and then I need a different size brush. This one is very versatile though so if you want convenience…this works. I was pleasantly surprised when I watch the last Danny Gregory video to see that Tommy Kane uses the larger set of these in his artwork.

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So there you go…my finished Sketch Tuesday project this week from the laundry room. I decided to do a little watercolor graphic style piece for the slideshow instead of my usual pencil drawing. You can see my art space fairly well in this photo too. The other item that I am really happy with that is new and showing in this photo is the Prismacolor pencil sharpener (the bright green object there on the desk). It does a really great job of sharpening my colored pencils without making the lead wobbly.

Hopefully you find something that inspires you to get out your art supplies….mine is a cheerful photo, an inviting work space, really great supplies, and some time!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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