Awesome Art Websites – Just Have To Share

I have been researching and collecting new ideas for a project I have in the works. As I cruise the internet to find resources, I stumble upon websites that are so fantastic that I just have to share.

Here are a few from today’s research:

Awesome Artists:
I love the “I Can’t Draw Until I Practice” downloads listed. What a great resource!

TeachKidsArt: Middle School Grading Rubric
This is a great system using a rubric to grade art for those that need to record a letter grade. I get asked this all the time in reference to my Harmony Fine Arts plans. This is a great way to clearly show what is expected from a project. I may even use it with my high schooler.

This is such a great project! I am going to be doing this with a canvas I have sitting right by my art table. I have been following her blog for awhile now and she is always inspiring me with her projects.

Artsyville: Kaleidoscope Candles
If you ever want to be inspired over and over, subscribe to this blog. I especially love this project because it is a twist on an old favorite. What a great idea to use these candles….I have seen them at the Dollar Store.

This is from my daughter’s blog and she is offering this free download. Get out your big box of Crayolas!

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