Poetry for High Schoolers – Organized With Free Notebook Pages

Poetry Notebooking pages

Last year I shared Mr. A’s poetry study as we went along in a series I called Poetry for High Schoolers, sharing every six weeks how we had enjoyed each poet and then outlining our simple poetry analysis for each one.  I was busy organizing this study again for Mr. B and decided that a new Squidoo page was in order to make my life easier. It really made sense for me to put the lesson ideas, videos, and other links into one spot for Mr. B to pull up each week and use on his own. (These are the same plans just all pulled into one spot.)

Along the way, I decided to make a fresh set of notebooking pages for him to use with the lesson ideas. Nothing fancy or complicated (remember this series was Poetry for High School Boys) but still nice enough to merit being called “poetry notebooking pages”.

I share those pages with you now.

Simple ideas for studying six different poets (including YouTube videos for each)

Poetry Notebooking Pages 

Includes 6 notebook pages and one additional page explaining how to get started with poetry analysis and a list of question. I probably will make a few more pages and add them to this page before our year is over so make sure to bookmark and save this page for future reference.You can see images of each page over on Squidoo as well. 

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