Weekly Wrap-Up: Update on Mr. A’s Gap Year

Harmony Art Mom - Sneaky photo

Mr. A graduated last year but is still a big part of our day, especially our morning “circle” time where we discuss the day and have our family Bible reading. He likes being a part of our morning routine although I know at some point he will be too busy to join so I am savoring the time while I have it. In the meantime, he enjoys sneaking photos of me on my camera…found the above photo this week. After our family time, most mornings he is doing volunteer work and that is teaching him some valuable life lessons.

Longboard and Skateboard and Surfboard

Mr. A has started riding his longboard to his afternoon job at a local tool shop….it is a big skateboard but better (he tells me). When the weather is nice, I drive him the few blocks to our walking trail (which really is a multi-purpose trail including bikes, skates, and horses too) and drop him off. The trail comes out about two blocks from his workplace so he walks that last bit. It cracks me up to see him with his backpack and helmet riding off to work.

He has several projects going in the shop and has started doing custom lathe work. He also has a partnership with a guy selling things at an auction…they purchase pallets of items from a company that deals in damaged goods (tools, hardware, toolboxes). They pull out anything they can fix or sell and then they take it to the auction house where it is sold and they receive a portion of the proceeds.

Much to my surprise, Mr. A is learning to play the drums. He has joined a local garage band and they get together every week to play music. Mr. A is very musical and plays the trumpet expertly but he has never picked up a drumstick before this in his life. He amazes me when I hear him play in his room downstairs on the drum set that his friend handed down to him. It is interesting to watch him self-teach this new instrument using YouTube and his own sense of rhythm.

He has found an instructor to finish his flight training. It took awhile to find a person whose personality fit my son’s and he thought he could learn from so that is in the works now too. Oh yeah, he is planning on taking a couple of courses at the college next semester. He told me that the other day and I asked him how he was going to fit it in around all the rest of his life. He has that figured out already too. I am just sitting back and watching him be busier and happier than he ever has been before. 

Auto shop sketches

One last quick thing for my wrap-up post this week. This is another huge lesson from my experience with my boys. I should have figured this out by now but Mr. B reminded me this week of something important. He was working on a chapter test for his Auto Shop course. The lesson was on safety in the shop and the last essay question was about different automotive lifts. He wrote out a short rather over-simplified answer to “name the three types of lifts and how they work”. I asked him to elaborate and he balked a little. I decided that if he could draw the lifts and name them that I would be okay with that. He promptly turned the paper over and drew the sketches above.Why do I always forget that these boys are visual/spatial learners? I homeschool. I can adapt the test to fit their strengths. There is a time and place for a written answer and there are times that another way of accessing mastery is totally appropriate.

Here ends another weekly wrap-up. Are the weeks going by fast for the rest of you? They seem to be speeding by for us this year. I guess that is a good thing.

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