Van Gogh, Emotions, and Love

The Flowering Orchard - Van Gogh 1888
The Flowering Orchard, 1888. Vincent Van Gogh.

Perhaps it is because I spend lots of time viewing art with my boys and as part of my research for Harmony Fine Arts, but I often find myself thinking about certain artists during my daily activities. Sometimes, when the sun is just right, I look out my window and think of Vincent Van Gogh. I think of the colors he used in his paintings, the feelings they bring up as I gaze on the scenes he viewed in his lifetime. 

Maybe it is because although he is famous now, knowing he only sold one painting during his lifetime, I feel a sense of sadness when I think about him as a person with so much color and joy and obvious love for God’s creation and no one there to appreciate it. Humans are complicated beings on the inside…art gives us a way to show emotions and for those of us who lack the ability to paint well, we can recognize our own emotions through viewing art. Art touches us somewhere inside and changes us a little and our view of the world that can sometimes be cruel to us. 

So this would explain why a purple orchard scene finds a spot in my heart. It reminds me of something or perhaps it just makes me hopeful. Whatever it is, it makes me happy just to look at it. Now when I see an orchard in just the right light, I can think of Vincent’s purple orchard and give thanks to our loving Father who created us with the ability not only to be touched by art, to be refreshed by it, but to know that art is just another way to show our love….and to be loved back.

Orchard in Blossom View of Arles by Van Gogh
Orchard in Blossom With View of Arles, 1889. Vincent Van Gogh

“These is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Love Note
Love you too…

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