Notebooking on the Fly – Planning Procrastination

High School Notebook Pages
We use notebook pages for just about every subject.

I appear to be quite organized as far as offering notebooking pages for my high school age son. Do not be deceived! I many times am operating just ahead of my son when it comes to printing and filing his notebook pages in his assignment binder.

Oh I have all the tables of contents printed (just like a suggest in my organizing posts) but I don’t always take time to print the needed pages ahead of time. My little secret: This is what has led to a better notebooking experience. Shhh..don’t tell my son but it is because he does a much better job at choosing pages than I do.

He will come to me and ask where his pages are for his history study for the week and because I didn’t get around to printing them I ask him to check the list of pages available and pick a few on his own. He’s done the reading so he has an idea of what he wants to write about so picking them is easy. Or if he sees a topic listed that he is intrigued by he will print those off and do a little research.

So for once, my procrastination actually works in my favor. I do have a stash of generic pages printed that he can grab and go with if he wants to start from scratch but many times he is much more passionate about researching a topic that sparks an interest that is related to his reading for the week.

High school is a glorious time to be a procrastinator.

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