Birdcage Press: Art Cards Review and Giveaway

Birdcage Press Art Cards Review

Our family was privileged to receive several of Birdcage Press’ art card sets to review and share with you. I love looking at art, learning about art, and getting to see my children develop a love for great art. Birdcage Press has created tools for all of us to use whether you are a beginner or experienced at art appreciation.

Birdcage Press MoMA art cards
Look at all those beautiful paintings you could learn about!

1. Close Up -Art Card Games:  These sets introduce 24 paintings by showing the painting and then a close-up of a section of a painting. Each set features artwork from one museum which is a fabulous idea! I was able to review three of the sets but there are a total of five different sets available.

Museum of Modern Art: (48 Cards, 5 suggested activities, one card with nudity) Wow! This really is a great concept for introducing art to children and families. You could use these cards as preparation for a visit to this museum and then a “treasure hunt” while visiting the museum in person. There are also instructions for using the cards in a game of Go Fish! or Old Maid. My favorite thing to do with these cards is just to view them and talk about them…picture study. We are using them as part of our Modern Art study. Younger children can use the cards for matching and pattern recognition.The quality of the artwork is excellent and the selection of paintings is colorful and attractive. Children of all ages will enjoy these cards.

I also reviewed:
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (no nudity)  ****This was my favorite set of the three I reviewed.
National Gallery of Art  (two paintings with partial nudity)

Big thumbs up for these sets! I would love to incorporate these sets of cards into my Harmony Fine Arts plans and I will work on writing a supplement with suggestions for current and future users.They are an excellent tool to familiarize your student with a variety of artists and styles. See the Birdcage Press website for additional museums and sets. See below for a special free shipping offer!

Birdcage Press - Modern Art Cards
Each Go Fish for Art set comes with an informative booklet.

2. Go Fish for Art Games: These sets include 36 cards, instructions for games, and a 28 page booklet introducing you to great art and artists. I was able to review two of the sets but there are a total of five different sets available.

Go Fish for Modern Artists: (36 cards, 8 artists, instructions for three games, one card with nudity) We have thoroughly enjoyed this set of cards as part of our Modern Art picture study, for artist study with the accompanying booklet, and as inspiration for art projects. The set of cards has really brought our art appreciation to life and given us a lot to talk about.

I also reviewed:
Go Fish for Impressionist Artists (one painting with nudity)

Another winner with huge thumbs up for these sets of cards and booklets! Each of these card sets and accompanying booklets will give you the confidence to offer art in a fun and entertaining way. Children can handle the cards, get to know an artist by seeing four of his paintings, and then learn about the specific art style or time period with the additional booklet. These are a wonderful way to introduce or inspire a love of great art. I highly recommend them. See the Birdcage Press website for additional Go Fish for Art sets. See below for a special free shipping offer.

Giveaway Details and a Free Shipping Offer!
If you would like to order from the Birdcage Press website, you can use the free shipping code until 3/31/12. Shipping code is good for purchase of ANY item on their website.
Free Shipping Code: IN12

I will be giving away one set of these art cards as a special treat (your choice of one set)! You can see all the details below. If you don’t see the Rafflecopter widget in your email subscription, you will need to click over to the blog to enter by leaving a comment. There are other ways to earn additional entries. Also, I have teamed up with several other blogs in reviewing Birdcage Press products of all kinds. See the bottom of this post for links to additional reviews and giveaways! Please feel free to enter for ALL the giveaway items…including my review and giveaway on my other blog Handbook of Nature Study for a set of gorgeous bird cards!

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