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Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 plans feature Modern (or 20th Century) period art and music. These plans are organized by week and by option. There are three different options for art appreciation and you can do one, two, or all three options depending on your available time and interest. Many families have successfully used these plans with children in grades K-5. I wrote the options so you can pick and choose which activities are appropriate for your particular family.

HFA Grade 4 Example Week 
Week 4: Claude Monet and Claude Debussy
(Print out the Sample Pages and follow along.)
Note that your study of Monet and Debussy will stretch out from week 1 to week 6. 

Option 1: Picture Study

  • Use the link provided to view the painting of the week: Bouquet of Sunflowers (or use the print in the ebook’s Art Print Appendix).
  • Apply the suggestions to view the painting that are given on page 9 of the plans. (There are also instructions for making this your computer’s desktop image. There are additional questions you can use to prompt your child to see more in the painting if you wish to go a little deeper.)

Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 Sample

Option 2: Art Appreciation with Follow-Up Activities 
(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

  • Use the link provided to view the painting of the week: Bouquet of Sunflowers.
  • Practice drawing sunflowers using the link provided: How to Draw Sunflowers.
  • View this Oil Pastel Lesson on YouTube.
  • Apply what you learned above and use oil pastels to draw your own sunflower bouquet. You can copy Monet’s painting or use Google images of sunflowers to make your own original artwork.

Option 3: Drawing with Children along with Picture Study Suggestions
(2 short periods or one longer period of time each week)

  • Warm-Up and Relaxation Exercises as outlined in Drawing With Children (pages 66-68). Printable pages are linked to DonnaYoung.org. Choose the appropriate page to print.
  • Complete the Wow! I can Draw! lesson on pages 75-79 in Drawing With Children with markers (step by step tutorial for drawing a bird).

Your family can choose to do just one option or combine options together to get a richer art appreciation experience. Many families combine Option 1 with either Option 2 or 3. You can choose from week to week how much to include in your lesson.

Week 3 Music Appreciation
Claude Debussy

Listen to Children’s Corner #3 Serenade for a Doll

Listen to Children’s Corner #4 Snow is Dancing

Continue completing your Debussy notebook page (included in the ebook) – add some words that you thought of as you listened to his music.

See my Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 page for more specifics for this plan for art and music appreciation. You can print out the sample for a list of artists and composers included in this ebook, a list of materials and resources needed, supplies list, and six weeks of plans to examine. Harmony Fine Arts Grade 4 Sample May 2020

If you have older children, there are also middle school level art and music appreciation plans for Modern Era Art and Music (20th Century) and you can read about them here: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 8 – Modern Era. Please note that Grade 4 and Grade 8 have different artists and composers so they will not “match” except in covering the same time period.

If you are interested in studying a different period of art, you can check my Overview Chart for more information about which grade to purchase.  There is also a chart for Grades 1-4 listing specific artists and composers included in each year.

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