Poetry for High School Boys – Updated

Mt. Diablo Rock City - Raven

Poetry is about the business of words and picking just the right words to match the tone and mood of the subject. The words in a poem are what bring it to life. Collecting words and arranging them in just the right way is what makes a great poem.

“Great artists who create poetry, stories, paintings, architecture or music are able to express and show the rest of us part of the wonderful visions that Imagination has revealed to them. And we can appreciate and enjoy their work because our own Imagination does the same thing for us in a lesser degree. Our Imaginations make us pictures and poems inside the private room of our minds.” Charlotte Mason, volume 4 page 48

I think this is what I appreciate about Mr. B the most lately. He is reading so many great classic books as part of his homeschool and in his free time as well. He often comments that he wishes people would still talk like the characters in these books. The richness of the words is enjoyable to him. I see him using those words in his writing and hear them in his speech. Great literature and poetry are like that….they seep into your brain and into your heart….sometimes even giving us a bit of a thrill.

Offering a healthy heap of poetry alongside regular high school literature will enhance your study of words. Poetry is like art with words and like art, tastes will vary. We will not like every poet so I try to offer a variety of styles and voices as a way to expose my boys to new ways of expression. Honestly, they do not always enjoy it as much as I do. But, it is like everything else and we must take a nibble of a poet in order to know if we like them or not.

Nibble a taste of Edgar Allen Poe’s: The Raven on YouTube.com.

Poets my boys have studied and enjoyed:
Langston Hughes, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Rudyard Kipling, Longfellow, Tennyson.

My Poetry Lesson Plans (high school)
My Poetry Notebook Pages (high school)
My Review of IEW’s Poetry Memorization program (all ages).

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