Seasoned Mom Tip #1: Balance Academic and Project-Driven Learning

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I was recently called a “seasoned mom” by someone I respect in the homeschooling community. Of all the labels that you could slap on me, this one felt good and comfortable. I am a seasoned homeschooling mom with lots of experiences behind me. I decided that as a mom of many who has graduated three and is still homeschooling one, my job is now to share my journey and my adventure with other moms who are coming behind.

I do not think that homeschooling in high school is for every child or every family. But, I do think that if you allow the opportunity and can find ways to support your style of homeschooling, your family will flourish. There is a need for community among moms who are making their way towards high school along with their children.

The message of hope is that although continuing to homeschool through high school is a challenge, it is not impossible to do and to do well. I am a different mom than I was ten years ago and you will be too. Your children will be older and you will have developed in them some good habits and skills that will make homeschooling through high school easier than you imagine.

Hopefully, as the numbers of “seasoned” moms increase there will be more sharing and encouraging of ideas.

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Seasoned Mom Tip Number #1:  
Our family has found a combination of academic and project or interest-driven learning is the key to the best high school experience. 

Spring is the time of year when we begin our planning so keep this tip in mind as you begin mapping out next year’s schedule.

We have used two different types of weekly schedules successfully.

  1. Monday through Thursday schedule for focusing on academic courses with Fridays kept for personal interests. Homeschooling in high school is a very efficient use of time and with no need for homework in the evenings there is room for your high schooler to include interest-driven learning in the late afternoons, on Friday, and in the evenings.
  2. Traditional Monday through Friday schedule with mornings for academics and afternoons for projects and exploring interests. This plan for homeschooling in high school allows a daily balance between academic learning and personal interests. You can get a glimpse of how I work this in our family in this post: Daily Routine. An example from my son’s senior year can be seen in this post: High School Routine.

My sons have used their project time for volunteer work as well as courses in robotics, aviation, videography, auto shop, driver’s education, welding, and culinary arts.

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