Seasoned Mom Tip #2: Set Goals For Homeschooling High School

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Seasoned Mom Tip #2 

Set Long Term Goals to Give Your Homeschooling a Foundation

Before you open a catalog or look at a website, spend time deciding what your goals are for high school. You will never know exactly how things will look at the end but you need a direction to aim those homeschooling arrows.

Shooting arrows when you can’t see the target is pointless. It is so much better to clearly see the bulls-eye before taking aim. Pointing your academic and spiritual arrows with skill takes effort and practice but it can be done.

Long Term Plans for High School
Long Term Plans – Aiming at the Target

Make sure you have your goals in mind for your high school. The goals can be broad and easy to hit at first but as you work your way through high school, the focus needs to narrow so you hit dead center. I found this chart in my computer files. It is my rough plan for Mr. A for high school. A lot of the courses ended up changing but it helped to visualize what I was going to be aiming to accomplish during his high school years. (I was very ambitious…learned a lot over the years.)

  • Keep it simple. Four or five formal academic courses are plenty per year (leave room for courses of interest-see Seasoned Mom Tip #1)
  • Have a general idea of what your child is interested in as you plan your year. (Math or science oriented children will have a different focus than a creative artsy type.)
  • Block in those courses that are a “must” by mapping out a sequence to get you to where you need to be at graduation. For instance, if you want to complete four years of math and want to work through Calculus, work backwards to see where you will start in your freshman year. If you want three years of Spanish study, decide which years you will block in Spanish.
  • Leave room for being flexible and changing of courses to fit any refined interests or opportunities that come up. If you go through this process ahead of time, you will buy far less curriculum that may be wonderful and interesting but will end up sitting on your shelf because you can’t do everything.

Plan for scheduled and unscheduled time. Some of your child’s interests can be pursued outside school hours.

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