Notebooking – End of The Year Organization

Notebook End of Year Organization
A little filing of notebook pages for the year’s end.

This is our official last week of school for the year and that means cleaning out binders and organizing papers. I know if we had really been organized, completing it each week as we worked through the year, this would have been all done. The reality is that Mr. B has a big stack of papers left to file before we can wrap-up this year’s work and start our summer break.

Using a notebooking style of learning, complements our Tapestry of Grace work and our Charlotte Mason living books homeschool. It also makes end of the year organization super easy. Mr. B’s high school binders are kept from year to year, adding pages as he goes along.

Art work in Notebook in sheet protectors
Notebook pages and artwork in sheet protectors keeps the work organized from year to year.

For example, we don’t clean out his Art and Music binder but leave all his notebooking pages, coloring pages, and artwork in place. He studies approximately eight artists and eight composers each year, creating a biography page, a summary page, and a few additional pages on style and personal opinion for each one.

It seems pointless to pull out his work at the end of each year and now that he is half way through his senior year it is enjoyable to page back through and see the chronological study he has completed so far.

In addition to his subject binders, he has his timeline binder. This also makes sense to keep from year to year, adding events and additional notebook pages as he moves from time period to time period. He creates 3-6 pages a week so this binder may need to get a little larger before we are finished (perhaps a 3″ binder).

So you know what I am doing with Mr. B this afternoon…a little filing, a little reminiscing, and then sighing a big sigh of relief that this school year is at an end.

Next year we are planning on using‘s new Notebooking Publisher program to create unique and personalized notebook pages on the computer. Mr. B watched the Demo Video that shows how the system is going to work and he is excited to give it a try. He doesn’t mind writing with pencil or pen but the new Notebooking Publisher will allow him to perhaps make even more sophisticated notebook pages as he finishes his senior year of high school. Of course, these will be printed and filed away in his notebook binders.
Free Notebooking Pages Sampler
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