Seasoned Mom Tip #3 – Keeping In Touch With Independent Learners

Weekly Meeting Button Seasoned Mom Tip #3 – Keep In Touch

As your student becomes more independent, you will still want a way to connect with them each week. This is going to keep you in touch with any areas of interest and areas that need some attention. Donโ€™t let a week go by without some face to face time with your child.

Schedule time each week to sit with your child and review what they read and found interesting. Have them stack up their books and gather their papers for the time planned. Every child has a preferred method of learning. Are they writers? Look at their notes and essays. Are they active learners? Have them turn to pages in books and point out interesting things or look at their notebooks for sketches and outlines. We try to keep our meetings to 45 minutes if possible. Sometimes it goes longer if I have a YouTube video for them to watch or there has been an in-depth project to cover.

You don’t need to go over every single detail of their week. Pick out a few things each week to have them share with you. I tend to focus on a couple of subjects a week until we have touched on every one over the course of a month or so.

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