Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With Poetry

Snowball Bush - Sutter Creek

Just a little sample of our poetry reading this week…thought it fit my image above from the April Get Outside Photo Challenge:

E.E. Cummings

“…whose hearts are mountains, roots are trees,
it’s they shall cry hello to the spring…”
-From What if a Much of a Which of a Wind

We just finished working through a poetry unit in the literature plans of Tapestry of Grace Year 4. I do so love the flexibility we have with TOG and picking and choosing which parts to use this year as part of our Modern History and Literature plans. We are a family that enjoys the buffet of choices that Tapestry of Grace offers, a framework and a solid ground to build from. I don’t feel tied to it, yet when I stick with it I see its beauty.

We are seriously winding down our school year, finishing writing projects, literature and history reads, artist and composer studies, and several of our DVD courses. It has been such a wonderful half-speed year for Mr. B and we are both so glad that we decided to split his senior year into two. I see him maturing in his thinking and his goal making. He has enjoyed the pace and the room for going deep where he has found interest.

The star of the week really was the poetry study and if you are using Tapestry of Grace I highly recommend using the book they suggest, “The Poetry Anthology, 1912-2002” edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young. We used the list of around 15 poems in the TOG plans as a starting spot and then Mr. B used some my Poetry Analysis notebook pages to pick a few things to respond to for each poem. I love this open ended kind of assignment and so does he since he can share his thoughts in a way that makes sense to him.

You can find all my poetry pages and lesson plans on Squidoo: Poetry Notebooking Pages.
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We only have two weeks of school planned and then soon after that a BIG trip to New York! We are going to be doing some exciting things, including a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (hoping to view this exhibit) which Mr. B and I have dreamed of doing for a very long time. We are preparing a list of things we must see while we are there and I will be sure to share all about it when we get back.

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My latest review is posted over on The Curriculum Choice: IEW Excellence in Literature. Mr. B has used this all year as part of his literature and writing courses. Click over and read more in detail.

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