Summer Art Ideas, Free Monet Notebook Page, Special Offer from Hearts and Trees

Three Trees in Summer. Monet. National Museum of Western Art-Tokyo

Our family has decided after our visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art that we would like to continue our artist and picture study over the summer. We enjoy viewing great art together and it is such an easy activity to incorporate into our everyday life.

I started a Pinterest Board with some ideas for our family and I would love to share the selections with you.

Summer Art on Pinterest

Ideas for using the paintings (see this entry for more information on Picture Study).
1. View the artwork online and talk about it.
2. View the artwork online, right click, and make the image your desktop wallpaper.
3. Print out the painting and post in a prominent spot in your house.

Summer is a super relaxed time of the year for picture study. Just having fun viewing art together each week is a great jump start to the new school year when you may want to do more formal studies.

Harmony Fine Arts Summer Art Show Printables @harmonyfinearts

Download a set of notebook pages to go along with the Summer Art Show Entries: Summer Art Show Printable

Summer Art Entries to Go Along With the Notebook Page

Compare Two Similar Paintings

Paintings That Tell a Story

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Van Gogh Sky

Impressionist Scavenger Hunt Printable

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