Van Gogh Sky Study – Free Notebook Page

When I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I was struck by how wonderfully magical Van Gogh would paint his skies. Each one was a mini-masterpiece and I enjoyed getting up close to view them.

Wheat field with Cypresses. Vincent Van Gogh.

Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889.

Wheat Field with Cypresses - Van Gogh (close-up)

Close up of the sky – Wheat Field with Cypresses.

Olive Trees - Vincent Van Gogh.

Olive Trees, 1889.
Olive Trees - Van Gogh (close-up)
Close up of the sky – Olive Trees.

Can you see what I mean? Each sky is different and yet a perfect match to the mood of the painting. I became a little obsessed with taking note of the skies in his paintings.

So, this week we are taking a closer look with images. I created a notebook page with some ideas for carefully observing his Van Gogh Sky. You can find the paintings included on the notebook page on the Summer Art Show Pinterest board.

Here is one of the paintings you will view and then look closely at the sky.


All of our Summer Art Study paintings and notebook pages are pinned on my Summer Art Show Pinterest Board.  

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