Paul Klee – Fish Art with Crayons and Watercolors

Our first artist study of the year has been Paul Klee and we have really been enjoying his style. Maybe it is the colors he uses or the whimsical style of expressionism that he shares in his paintings…they are just fun.

I hung up some of our calendar prints on the wall and a young friend and I shared what we saw in each one. With this style of art it is easy to capture everyone’s attention…it is not intimidating at all.

Do you see the guy hanging upside down on what looks somewhat like a fish? It reminded us of those signs you see where the stick figures are in peril (like this one).

Mr. B and I worked on our first Paul Klee inspired artwork this week. Here are two of the paintings we viewed in our picture study in preparation of Thursday’s art time. 

Fish Magic - Paul Klee
Fish Magic, 1925. Wikipaintings.
The Goldfish - Paul Klee
The Goldfish, 1925. Wikipaintings.

Our assignment was to build on some images we found on Da Vinci’s Wings (via Pinterest of course). We had to sort of guess at how they put this art piece together but Mr. B and I enjoyed playing around with some ideas and here is what we did to make our own version of this Paul Klee painting.

The finished project is really two different pieces put together.

1. The background is done in crayons and then we applied a watercolor wash.

2. The fish is done with markers and then cut out to apply on top of the watercolor resist background.

I had trouble getting my fish to be the right size. I kept making my fish to large so very little of the background showed. I decided it is much easier to cut your paper to the approximate size you need to fit over the background. I always say that art is all about solving problems….

Now our paintings are displayed nicely on our newly created-IKEA inspired art wall.

Stay tuned for more Paul Klee projects to come. You can see another of our Klee projects from last year’s Modern Art Study HERE: Modern Art Projects

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