Weekly Wrap-Up: Finally Getting Started

This first week of school was the most relaxed and uneventful ever. Mr. B seamlessly picked up from where he left off last year and kept his good attitude all week. I can’t say that he needed me much this week as far as learning but at the week’s end it has been nice to check in with him and see what he has been up to.

The big change in curriculum for the year is the switch from Simple Schooling Anatomy to a full blow college level Anatomy and Physiology text. We picked up with the unit that was scheduled next in the Simple School plans and just moved on. This text comes with an interactive DVD for review and computer games…not exciting fun games but just quizzes disguised as games. Mr. B liked the text and once he opened the book the only question he had for me was, “Can I write in the book?” After that, he was off and running. This is going to be a good year for anatomy.

Sidenote for NotebookingPages.com Treasury Members: Did you see that Debra posted a complete set of pages to use with anatomy study? These are more than just notebook pages…Mr. B will be using them for notes and studying.

Literature and history were a snap this week because he had done the reading over the summer. This week Tapestry of Grace history was learning about Gandhi and a little of the 20th century history of India. His literature selection is All Quiet on the Western Front. We had skipped this book last year when Mr. B was on WWII overload and he enjoyed reading the book so much more over the summer. He is now using some of the suggestions in the Tapestry of Grace plans for a follow up writing assignment. Yes, I assigned writing the first week of school. I told him it was sort of like jumping into the deep end of the pool and this assignment would jump start his year of writing.

Something else new for us this year is that I am helping with a small co-op of homeschool children from our congregation. This is the first time ever that there have even been more than two families homeschooling at the same time. I am leading art and nature study…of course. The other things we have planned are tennis (started this week), monthly visits to the local observatory, an art show at the end of each term, science fair in the spring, volunteer projects, and assorted field trips. I am anxious to see how the year goes and if everyone keeps up their enthusiasm. We have our first art class next week and I am taking the opportunity to give a new product a test with a group of kids of varying ages. Earth Paints are awesome and I can hardly wait to share the review with you….and a giveaway!

Looking forward to getting into our homeschool rhythm….

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