Poetry: Pleasant Pictures and Word Painting

“…you must let him realize that when you go with him for a country walk, you can add a charm to the brook or the meadow, or the oak tree, or the wild rose, by a familiar quotation, and his taste will not be long in forming itself. This taste should be formed, or should be in process of forming, before the child goes to school.”
Parents’ Review Archive-The Teaching of Poetry to Children, volume 12 1901.

In my experience, children have no trouble writing when they have something interesting to write about. As part of the Outdoor Hour Challenge this month, I created a free printable to help families try their hand at writing a poem or two on the subject of trees. The key to getting a meaningful poem is to have your children have an experience to relate, help them find just the right words, and then provide a place to record their creation.

Of course, if you keep a nature journal you have the perfect spot to make a written record of your time outdoors and sometimes include an original poem.

If your child has trouble coming up with a poem they want to make a part of their nature journal, you can help them find a poem to copy into their journal. Copywork is a wonderful way to introduce poetry and increase poetic vocabulary. The poems will model great language and show how to use just a few words to make a mental image of an outdoor experience. You can find two free sources of seasonal poetry in my blog entry from yesterday: Poetry in Your Nature Journal.

Not everyone is a poet….not everyone wants to write poetry. But, if you familiarize your child with a few great poems they may eventually come to appreciate this form of creative expression.

We can always hope.

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