Weekly Wrap-Up: Quick Edition

NotebookingPages.com Modern Times, Metal artwork, Blood type test, and Mr. B drew Dvorak on last week’s notebook page…made me laugh.

School marches on even though mom is busy. We had a beginning of the week meeting this time to cover the last two weeks of work. I love having school meetings with my teen…Mr. B always teaches me something new or shows me a new way to think about an event or a person.

Here is my really quick wrap-up:

Anatomy: Mr. B completed his blood type test…even with the poke it was interesting to watch the results appear on the card.

Literature and Writing: Mr. B dazzled me with a paper talking about the beginnings of the space program in the early 1960’s. We started The Canterbury Tales (No Fear edition) and the accompanying literature/writing component from Excellence in Literature.

Art: Listening to Schumann and working with metal sheets and metallic pencils…and Sharpies. Love the different media we are using this year.

History: Still working our way through the 1960’s using lots of primary sources on YouTube for speeches and news stories. There were meaty notebook pages to read at the meeting.

We enjoyed watching a Kennedy and Nixon Debate of 1960 on YouTube. I dare you to watch and compare to the most current debates. 🙂

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