Weekly Wrap-Up – Big Projects and Promises

This was the week where I didn’t post a single entry…a rare event for me.

I often receive email that asks me how I juggle all my different duties online and off. Honestly, sometimes I wonder the same thing. I recently read an article sharing a glimpse into Susan Wise Bauer’s life…how she has made some changes in her work and writing. This article resonated with me…not that I am a writer on a par with Susan Wise Bauer but rather just as a mom and writer who has dedicated a huge chunk of time to sharing and encouraging others through writing.

I love being the mentor to so many through my blog entries…I receive email from many readers who are appreciative and thoughtful in their kind comments. I savor those words when I am feeling a bit defeated or even overwhelmed.

So what have I been doing over the past few weeks that has kept me from posting much?

I have been working on a huge project, one that will be exciting to users of Harmony Fine Arts. I am working with a designer to build a completely new and reorganized website for Harmony Fine Arts. What a job! In the process of building the website, I have had to update many aspects. Grade by grade it is getting completed and soon….we hope…..it will be up and running.

School has been humming along for Mr. B and some days I honestly don’t do anything except listen to his narrations. We have done two art projects this week, one on our own and one as part of our homeschool art group.

O’Keeffe Floral Tissue Paper Collage

Miro Art Project – inspired by this Deep Space Sparkle lesson

Other Subjects

History: Continuing with our study of the 1960’s, Mr. B did some research and writing about Malcolm X which was totally interesting to both of us. This is a historical era that is so deep in contradictions and even as an adult it is hard to process the thinking.

 Literature and Poetry: Still working through The Canterbury Tales, gathering notes in anticipation of a writing project. We enjoyed reading and listening to some Rudyard Kipling poetry this week and Mr. B worked on a little poetry analysis and a biography.


Listening to Schumann. (YouTube.com)

Human Anatomy: Working through the respiratory system with reading, researching, and his dvd course, Understanding the Human Body: An Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology.

PE: Fitness and Weightlifting at the community college, mountain biking with friends at the lake, and soccer with friends at the park.

Calculus: Still marching on….not thrilled with this at this point but he is muscling through.¬†

Yes, it has been a good week. Someone asked after my last wrap-up if things are as positive in our homeschool as I make them appear in my posts and I had to answer that they truly are. We are in a good place with our learning and Mr. B and I rarely have issues. He isn’t perfect and neither am I but we work together to make learning meaningful and interesting.

It is possible to homeschool through high school and really enjoy it.

I promise it can happen.

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