Weekly Wrap-Up: The Value of Long Term Goals

Long Term Goals @HarmonyFineArts

Mr. A’s small airplane and the view from up there! Amazing!

The value of long term goals came into distinct focus this week with my formerly homeschooled older children. Two of my children are on the verge of achieving very long term goals that have meant sacrifices of time and money as well as  faith in their ability to persevere. Their example inspires me to make some long term goals in my life and watch for blessings on those goals.

Amanda has had the long term goal to serve in a mission that would use her strengths and her abilities. She has worked hard to learn a new language over the past four years to the point of being able to use it in a ministry to others. I have watched as she stepped out of her comfort zone and embraced not only a language but a culture. She also has spent lots of time volunteering in construction and now is ready to use those skills in Bolivia later this year.

Long Term Goals 2 @HarmonyFineArts

Valuable part of her goal – Passport with Bolivian Visa.

So many hurdles have been met and overcome in the past few weeks, including FedEx losing her passport and visa in the mail. Yesterday the two of us flew to Los Angeles to transport the newly attained passport to the Bolivian consulate so they could reissue her visa. It was a successful trip and the people in the consulate were helpful, efficient, and encouraging.

Mr. D, my aspiring pilot, has reached the last leg of his pilot’s license process. His solo cross country and night flights are all logged into his logbook. He has a few more requirements to meet before he will have his shiny new license in his hands, probably by the end of the month. I have shared before how this has been his dream since he can remember and even though many people don’t understand why he would choose to skip college courses for now and focus on his flying, he has kept at it even when others were making him feel as if he were slacking. I am so proud of his attitude as well as his actual accomplishments. His attitude is something he can apply anywhere in his life, no matter the goal.

So if there is any doubt about the value of long-term goals…perhaps goals other than a college degree…I am writing to say that you don’t need to fear that road with your children. Personal long term goals have made a big difference in our family.

There is no greater joy than seeing your children make goals, stick with them, and then achieve them.

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