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Doing it all over again History Curriculum @HarmonyFineArts

We are very much a literature and history loving family so Sonlight was perfect for us in the younger grades and those years hold so many fond memories of reading aloud. I think if I had to do it over again….I would use a combination of Charlotte Mason’s methodology with Sonlight books of choice in grades 1-3 (SL Levels 2-4) and then pick up with Tapestry of Grace in 4th grade starting with Ancients(Year 1) and then take two years with their Year 2 plans which would get me finished with the first cycle through their four years in 8th grade. Then we would go through TOG again in high school at the Rhetoric level.

But then again, I honestly like the idea of a more relaxed attitude towards academics in the earlier grades. I also like the idea of starting with things that mean something to our family….Why learn about Ancient Egypt when we have Gold Rush history in our backyard? Why learn about the rainforest when I have the great Sierra Nevada at my feet? I might even turn into a radical unschooler if I went back in time and started over. In those early years I think I would be more aiming at exposure to lots of great authors, ideas, and free time to pursue outdoor activities and interests (sounds like a Charlotte Mason education).

Or, lately I have been intrigued with Trail Guide to Learning….which says it is appropriate for 3rd grade and up. This is the problem with trying to come up with a “what if” plan looking back….too many new choices.

But for those that like to have a more structured plan, I will indulge you with my rough outline:

Grade 1 – Sonlight 2 literature and a geography study like Galloping the Globe
Grade 2 – Sonlight 3 literature and perhaps Cantering the Country
Grade 3 – Sonlight 4 and start using IEW’s writing and supplements
Grade 4 – Tapestry of Grace Year 1
Grade 5 – Tapestry of Grace Year 2 part 1
Grade 6 – Tapestry of Grace Year 2 part 2
Grade 7 – Tapestry of Grace Year 3
Grade 8 – Tapestry of Grace Year 4
Grade 9 – Tapestry of Grace Year 1
Grade 10 – Tapestry of Grace Year 2
Grade 11 – Tapestry of Grace Year 3
Grade 12 – Tapestry of Grace Year 4

The only thing that I might do differently is to switch Year 1 and 4 in high school, saving Ancients for Grade 12.

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