I Can’t Homeschool Because I Don’t Know A Thing About Great Art



I can't homeschool because

Homeschooling has its advantages and its disadvantages. One big disadvantage is the fact that as a parent I am not good at teaching everything, especially teaching art. I always considered myself a math and science person because math and science interested me and I was able to catch on to the concepts easily. For the most part math and science have “correct” answers. Four plus four will always be eight. The chemical make-up of water is two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen. They are black and white answers and they are always the same.

Not so with offering a subject like art and art appreciation. There are not so many black and white “correct” answers. Art is where we can feel like we are miserable examples to our children and in no way qualified to teach them.

So why not put aside your doubts and fears and learn alongside your children?

This is exactly what I had to do and it has led me on a journey that has brought such joy and depth to my life. The joy and satisfaction of learning about great art and artists has rocked my whole world…..it opened my eyes to the beauty and wonder around me and that joy spilled over onto my children. They each have a different levels of interest in art but even as young adults they all have a greater appreciation for the colors, patterns, styles, and designs we encounter in our lives.

How I Overcame My Fear of Teaching Art

Fear is overcome with knowledge. My best advice is always to start small and just keep at it. Try one artist, one painting, or one art skill and build on that over time.

Common Reasons Homeschoolers Do Not Offer Art

I Don’t Have Time  “No matter what style of homeschool you use-textbook, classical, unschooling, or anything in between-art and music can be woven into your year.”

I Am Behind In Core Subjects  “Art and music need not be separate subjects or boxes to check off on your schedule. In our family the art supplies are easily accessible and that reminds us to use them in many of our core subjects.”

I Have No Talent in Art “Very few of us are blessed with the background in art and music that would make us “experts”. Honestly, we don’t need to be experts. Just like any other subject we teach in our homeschool, if we don’t know about something, we find a resource and learn right along with our children.”

I Will Teach Over The Summer: “How many summers roll by and you still have not done a single art project or viewed a single piece of artwork? What are you waiting for?”


You can use any of my art appreciation plans to get you started if you want some guidance.
Free Downloads: Monet and Mendelssohn
Mini-Units: Van Gogh, Degas, or Vermeer

If you are ready to get started with a full year plan, you can choose from a variety of plans from Harmony Fine Arts.



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