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This edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival demonstrates in a variety of ways how each family can create an atmosphere where “Education is Life”.

For our family of six, this has been the guiding principle of our last sixteen years….the day we started homeschooling was the day that all six of us started a journey that was enriched by this idea beyond our expectations. Now, as I face graduating my youngest child, I can see the value in creating a learning atmosphere that nurtures interests and passions. Life is about flaming the fires of your passions and finding the path that was intended for you to take.

You can read more about how this principle works in our family in my entry to the carnival: Homeschoooling for Life and Not a Lifestyle.  “I think that more than anything else Charlotte Mason was hoping that parents and teachers would take the time to allow children to have the life they were meant to live, to offer experiences and nurture interests while opening up to them a world of ideas and thoughts far beyond the reaches of their everyday lives.”

All photos in this carnival are from a local hike on a recent sunny April day. Enjoy!

Fiddleheads Wildflowers April California

Angie from This Side of the Door would love for you to read her entry to the carnival: Rewording of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles-Part II. I so enjoyed reading this and think she is doing a great job defining the principles as they apply to her family. Here is a quote I especially like, “Being the living, breathing example we wish our kids to follow is one powerful way to educate them. Allowing them to see us being self-disciplined, kind, interested in the world, curious, loving, humble, happy, thankful, careful- just letting them see good things in us- is one third of a Charlotte Mason style education.”

Nebby from Letters from Nebby has written and submitted her entry: Some Thoughts on Maintaining the Right Home Atmosphere. She shares several interesting ideas from Volume 5: Formation of Character. I appreciate how she points out that applying simple principles in our families can change the atmosphere for the better. Take a look!

Amy from Fisher Academy International submits two entries for you to enjoy: Thoughts on Education Is A Life and The Face of a Friend. The first entry is one of her “thinking out loud” kinds of posts where she shares her thoughts on our carnival’s theme. The second entry was of special interest to this nature-loving mama!

Oak Trees in a California Meadow

Carol from Journey and Destination shares her entry, The Place of Fiction and Moral Imagination. Take a look two very important ideas to ponder on as we continue to homeschooling.

Wendy  from ChouZoo submits her first two entries to the carnival: Finding Us in Homeschool and Homeschooling/Life Out of Strengths. Both entries share how they have come to embrace the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method after a start with the Classical model of homeschooling. Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!

Brandy from Afterthoughts shares her Charlotte Mason and Suggestion entry with the carnival. She shares some insight into the word “suggestion” and how the meaning may be far different than you think at first. See how she reasons on this and how it applies to a Charlotte Mason education.

American River April Whitewater Rafters

Nancy from Sage Parnassus has submitted two entries to the carnival for your enjoyment. The Rarer Action-Resources for the Tempest writes about what “years of experiencing Shakespeare can do for a child” plus some ideas for resources. In The Adventures of Madelene and Louisa which looks like a gem of a book….love their whimsical illustrations which would inspire many a nature journal entry.

Nadene from Practical Pages would love for you to read her entry, Tomato Staking, which has a little to do with gardening and a lot to do with parenting your children in a way that supports and nurtures them to be their best.

Megan from the Winding Ascent shares her entry The Pot of Green Feathers: Lessons in Apperception from Thomas Rooper. This entry shares some important ideas on perception and how it relates to real learning. I invite you to glean some ideas to apply in your family/homeschool. When you are done digesting that one, you are invited to read: Picture Study, Holocaust Week, and Remembrances. Loads of interesting information on a topic that is of interest to Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers.

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Mama Squirrel from Dewey’s Treehouse submits for your reading *and* viewing pleasure: The Casualties Could Be Your Hearts and Souls (Education is a Life). She shares a brief response to an article describing teachers’ concerns about recent educational initiatives.

Catherine from Grace to Abide has written this entry for you to ponder on: Has Homeschooling Become An Idol? Take a look and share your thoughts.

Tammy from Aut-2B-Home in Carolina submits her entry: Turtle Release Day. What excitement! She shares the story of a special day where they observed and released turtles back to their natural environment.

Celeste from Joyous Lessons has shared her entry: First Grade in Our Home-Memory Work Round-Up. She shares the list of poems that her children have learned this year during a few minutes of memory work each day. Co-Blogger Angela (also from Joyous Lessons) submits her entry: Volume 1-Bible Lessons. This entry shares in depth how they apply the words of Charlotte Mason on this topic.





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