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Harmony Fine Arts plans for high school are simple and easy to use as the basis of your fine arts courses. I created them to be a self-directed artist and composer study using online resources and a few solid widely-used books. The art plans are supplemented with the use of optional DVD’s and the high school level Artistic Pursuits books.

Harmony Fine Arts plans high school in sheet protectors

Steps To Art Appreciation Using Harmony Fine Arts

1. After purchasing your plans (or downloading the free plans), print the pages out and insert them in sheet protectors and a 3-ring binder. I find this is the easiest way to use the plans and you or your child can make notes using a dry erase marker on the pages if needed. Of course, keep the pdf file available for your student so they can access all the clickable links to view artwork online.

2. Gather your resources according to the provided books and supplies list. You can find the list of required resources to go along with the Harmony Fine Arts plans here: Harmony Fine Arts Rhetoric Plans and Resources. Many of the resources are used for all four years of your art appreciation study using Harmony Fine Arts. Remember that there are optional resources planned in each grade so you can choose those that will fit your needs best.

3. Read the introductory pages together with your student, note the plan outline usually found on pages 5, 6, or 7 of the plans. These plans also show the student how to manage their art appreciation time each week with specific suggestions for dividing each artist study up generally over four week’s time.

4. Decide if the student will be using the optional art skills plans and provide an extra session per week for completing those plans.

 High School Art Notebook Pages @harmonyfinearts

Example Schedule for High School Art Appreciation:

Week 1: Read the pages assigned in the Annotated Mona Lisa and The Story of Painting. Take notes or make an outline as you read, perhaps using a notebooking page for the artist.

Week 2: Use the links provided in the plans to view the artist’s work online. Optional: View the suggested episode in The Story of Painting DVD. Keep a list of artwork viewed using a notebooking page or sheet of lined paper if desired. Pick a favorite to use as your computer’s desktop wallpaper or print a copy out for your art notebook. Read more here: Artist Study: High School Level Using Notebook Pages.

Art notebook and copywork high school @harmonyfinearts

Week 3: Use this week to view more artwork using the links provided or pick one of the paintings to copy for your notebook. Use your choice of art supplies. See this link for more specifics on Art Copywork.

Week 4: Write a 1-2 page summary of all you have learned for this artist or the art time period. Include your personal reaction and thoughts. If you keep a timeline, add relevant dates, events, or artwork this week.

Remember if you are using the optional art skills plan, you will need to add that to the above suggestions.

How to Assess Your Student’s Art Appreciation Work:

1. Read the notes, outlines, and summaries your child has completed at the end of the four week period.

2. View any art copywork your student has completed.

3. View their timeline (if appropriate).

4. Spend a few minutes having the student tell you about their study.

I have never found it necessary to do more than those steps to reveal how well my children’s art appreciation time was spent. If they met the expectations outlined in the plans, I awarded them full credit. If I found something was missing or incomplete, I allowed a second chance for the completion of the assignment until it was satisfactory. You may create your own grading rubric if you need to award specific credit for time spent.

Additional Links You May Find Helpful:

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9-11 bundle covers Button @harmonyfineartsHarmony Fine Arts Grade 12 Art Appreciation - revised 10 12


Note: The notebooking pages shown above are not included in the Harmony Fine Arts plans. They are available at NotebookingPages.com.

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