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Language Arts at Harmony Art Mom

The up-coming High School Home Education Blog Carnival is featuring the topic of language arts. As I combed through my past entries looking for something to contribute, I realized that I have written quite a bit about our language arts but over on The Curriculum Choice. What  a great opportunity for me to gather all that I have written and share a bit here on my Harmony Art Mom blog for all of you to enjoy and as a resource for future readers.

Language Arts at the Harmony Fine Arts Academy

[Where I  have been home educating my four children for the last fifteen years. Currently I am home schooling my youngest high school age son….the very last one! We use an eclectic style of homeschooling, flavored with a Classical/Charlotte Mason style to emphasis the arts and sciences.]

Spelling Power – “Now that my boys are finished with Spelling Power and in high school I rarely need to correct their spelling. If they happen to misspell a word, I can usually point it out to them and have them correct it. The rules learned in Spelling Power have trained them well enough to get even complicated spellings correct or at least really close so they can look it up in the dictionary.”

English From The Roots Up – “We used the cards each week to drill the roots into our memory. We played simple games with the cards if we had some extra time during the week. We studied five minutes a day, four days a week.”

Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization – “Our children are constantly surrounded by slang, sloppy speech, and improper grammar. This program strives to provide food for the ears of our young ones and help them build up their natural ability to memorize.”

Take Five! For Language Arts – “There is an index at the back of the book categorizing the prompts by language arts skills involved and I found that to be very helpful. For example, if I was looking for a prompt that used persuasive writing, I could scroll to that section and read down the list of prompts working on that genre of writing.”

Daily Grams- Jr. High  and Sr. High Level – “I liked using Daily GRAMS as a way to spot check any trouble areas my sons might have and then to review briefly as they came up.”

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