A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels – Review

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels

I am an affiliate for Southern Hodgepodge and this post contains affiliate links. I love this product and always give a fair an honest review.

I think I may have such high appreciation for the Simple Start in Chalk Pastels because I can relate to the writer. Tricia Hodges is a homeschooling mom of many that has decided to share her own lessons done with her own children in this fabulous art tutorial ebook. This is much like Harmony Fine Arts….both my plans and Tricia’s ebook are a product of working with our own children and then sharing the plans with other homeschooling moms. We can appreciate that the chalk pastel lessons found in her ebook have been tried and tested by multiple ages in her own family. If they work for her, they should work for all of us too!

Simple to Get Started

These ebook makes getting started with chalk pastels in our art lessons super easy. The simply laid out instructions guide you every step of the way. The variety of topics make choosing which one to do first more difficult but that is probably the hardest part of using A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels. So many fun lessons to choose from!

Whole Family Can Participate

These lessons are written so you can offer step by step instruction to all members in your family. Just looking through the ebook’s example images you realize that each lesson can be accomplished by children of all ages. I love that even though you are all using the same tutorial, each one is unique and beautiful…just a little different.

Teaches Techniques

Chalk pastels have not been my favorite art supply…too messy and I never seemed to get the results I wanted. After working through a few of the tutorials in A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels, I now feel a bit better about using them for my personal artwork. The techniques learned while working through the lessons can be applied to any other chalk pastel projects that you would like to complete. Most of all, these lessons help you gain confidence as an artist.

Personal stories with images and recipes too!

I have read Tricia’s blog Hodgepodge for many years. She shares a wonderful view into her family of homeschoolers and beyond. This shines through in this ebook and will encourage you to spend time as a family completing the art projects in A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels. The images give us a glimpse into their home and they share their artwork too. Don’t miss the recipes interspersed in the ebook…such a fun and unique way to personalize this ebook and give the readers some additional activities to try.

  • 45 tutorials- pick and complete in any order you wish
  • Complete materials list
  • Topics to please just about everyone – lots of nature-related tutorials for this nature loving family
  • Thorough instructions to guide you
  • “Blessedly messy” and fun!

I know you will love having this resource at your fingertips to use at a moment’s notice. Each tutorial can be done in an afternoon and will enhance your literature study, nature study, and artist study. I am happy to share a special discount code for my readers. Use the code HFA and receive $5.00 off your own copy of this fantastic ebook from Tricia and her mother at the Southern Hodgepodge. (Click over and see what other Southern Delights she has for you…my favorite is the Sunday Savings Cookbook!)

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