Harmony Fine Arts Summer Art Plans – Supply List




Harmony Fine Arts Summer Art Plans

This summer we are going to try something new! As much as I love Sketch Tuesday, I would love to encourage families to try some art projects that will stretch and grow their young artists. I have scoured my Pinterest Boards and found some awesome projects to share with you. You will complete the art projects and then send in your images for a Tuesday slideshow. I have a piece of fine art that will go along with each project and you will build on that for your follow-up work.  I have lined up a guest poster in July that I know you are going to love!

I wanted to get a small supply list in case you would like to have all your supplies on hand for each week’s project. I have tried to be as specific as possible. Please note that I have used Amazon affiliate links but you can purchase any needed supplies at your local discount art store or use the supplies you already have on hand. Please note that you are welcome to substitute art supplies you have on hand with any project. Please do not feel obligated to have everything on the list to participate. You can participate as much or as little as you would like. Keep it simple and fun!

Harmony Fine Arts – Summer Art Plans 2013

  • Drawing Paper (8 x 10 or larger) – 5 sheets per student
  • Pastel Paper ( 8 x 10 or larger) – 3 sheets per student
  • Black construction paper or black card stock – 1 sheet per student
  • Small canvas 8 x 10 or slightly larger – 1 per student
  • Set of chalk pastels (8 or 12) – per family
  • Set of oil pastels (8 or 12) – per family
  • Watercolor set and brush per student
  • Colored pencils (8 0r 12 set) – per family
  • Acrylic paints  (set of 12 or less) – per family
  • Baby oil and Q-tips (approx. 10 per student)
  • Scissors, glue stick, masking tape

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