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As you can imagine, I am going through all my homeschooling things and clearing out shelves. I have a treasure trove of projects and schoolwork that I thought I might share with you, hopefully inspiring some ideas for you to use with your children.

My goal is to share two projects a month in a new Flashback Friday post…nothing fancy just an idea and a few images.

Would you like a sample?

Sketch a Narration

Draw a scene from your book instead of writing about it.

Drawing a Book Narration

Written narration wasn’t always easy for my boys so I came up with a few alternative ideas for literature follow-up. After reading a section in a book, they would choose a scene to draw along with a caption. These would be shared and they would then do an oral narration, then filed away in their notebook. I would assign about half written and half drawn narrations during the week.

Eventually they became more comfortable with written narration and would combine both words and drawings for their notebooks. Transitioning to mostly written narration is done gradually and as the child is ready and willing.

Simple and easy is always best.

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