Harmony Art Mom’s Summer Fun List

Disney California Adventure

Summertime is usually when I take some time for myself and explore new places, try new recipes, work on projects, and create things that have been pushed aside during the school year. This is the first summer post-homeschooling and I think before it slips away completely I will make a list of things that I want to accomplish. Before I even made the list we had started our fun by taking a trip to Disney’s California Adventure…a last trip with my two youngest boys before Mr. A moves to New York for a year…more on that in another post.

I am a list person…love a good list! It makes me happy to pick an item from the list, complete it, and then cross it off. I am hoping that having a list of fun things to do will help me deal with my mama’s heart that is happy one minute and sad the other.

Summer 2013 List of Fun Things to Do

1. Make lavender sugar (recipe in my Lavender Lover’s book).

2. Learn to make French press coffee (need to get a French press!).

3. Drive over the Sonora Pass and take lots of photos (see #4).

4. Create a new photo wall with exceptional images from our travels.

5. Make a new batch of cloth napkins with fun fabrics.

6. Go river rafting with the family.

7. Visit the Impressionist on the Water exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

8. Make two new salad dressing recipes.

9. Organize my laundry room…doesn’t sound fun but I have some fun ideas (thanks Pinterest!).

10. Go to the Cheesecake Factory with my daughter Amanda when she returns from Bolivia…soon!

I think that is a pretty ambitious list considering it is the middle of July already. Although, I can carry a few of the things over to the fall season if I need to since I will have free time then….no more homeschool planning or teaching so that leaves a big void that I am going to fill with lots of good stuff.

If you have any suggestions for salad dressing recipes or tips for making French press coffee you can leave me a comment….it would be much appreciated.

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