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The record-keeping and planning program from Homeschool Tracker was a valuable high school tool. I started using Homeschool Tracker Plus before that (since 2004!) but not until high school came along did I appreciate  the huge time-saving aspects of this program. I would much rather be spending time actually being with my boys and not tied to my desk creating plans and then recording my week by hand. I admit I did not use all the bells and whistles available from Homeschool Tracker. I used the aspects of the program that allowed me to keep simple records without a lot of fuss.

My summers were not taken up with creating high school plans manually. Homeschool Tracker took a subject and assign out pages and chapters into neat lesson plans after establishing a pattern. It was like magic! Once I had my assignments entered for one son, the next year I could reuse those same lessons with my younger son. Planning once, entering once, and using twice made my life so much easier.

With a push of a button I could see all the unfinished assignments for the week and create a task list for each boy with a few clicks. I also used Homeschool Tracker to keep a record of all the odds and ends we completed each year and then after collection them I could assign them a course.

I also could enter a score for each assignment and Homeschool Tracker accumulates the scores for me and assigned a grade. I don’t know how much time this has saved me over the years with two boys…hours and hours I would expect.

If we had a change in plans, Homeschool Tracker made it easy to adjust the assignments forward by bumping them to a new day easily. All the future assignments would roll over and we could just keep working. This was a lifesaver for our busy life. We never felt “behind”.

At the end of each year, Homeschool Tracker could create a report card and at the end of the senior year you can create a custom transcript easily! The process is super simple and it took no time at all. I was done with my record-keeping and off having summer fun in no time.

High School Reports From Homeschool Tracker

(all customizable to fit your needs)

  • Attendance for official records
  • Daily or weekly assignment sheets
  • Unfinished assignment list
  • Report cards
  • Transcripts
  • Book lists
  • Field trip records

If you click over to their website and click the “products” button, there are lots of sample reports to examine.

I highly recommend Homeschool Tracker Plus for your high school record-keeping needs.

There is now an online version for Homeschool Tracker which I have not used.


Homeschool Tracker

Please note this is an affiliate link. I have been using this product for over six years and love it. I recommend it to all my real life homeschooling friends and now I recommend it to you too!

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