Flashback Friday – Science Lab Write-Ups


yellowstone geyser basin 2011

Yellowstone National Park 2011

My children all loved science experiments…I found them a pain but because I knew that science was a way to engage their curiosity I made an effort. Although they all loved completing the experiments, they did not like to record their procedures or observations. I gradually increased my expectations as they grew and matured but many times I would give them a choice in writing up their work.

science lab write up narration

My Two Top Choices For Science Write-Ups (4-6 grades)

  • Short paragraph explaining the method of experimentation and a short recap of their observations.
  • Sketches with captions

Science Lab write up narrations (2)

Bonus Science Follow-Up

Then when the opportunity arrives, take them on a field trip to see some of the things they have been doing in their science study up close and personal. We planned parts of our family vacations to go along with their study…Yellowstone National Park is a great follow up to a study of geology, chemistry, and biology.

Another Flashback Friday idea for you to think about and see if it works in your family.

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