SQUILT Music Appreciation Plan Review

Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time

The SQUILT plan is a wonderful music appreciation course for you to use easily with all the children in your family. Volume 1 of SQUILT focuses on Baroque music and offers a plan that helps you do lots of listening and learning about composers, a special period of music, and some music theory too!

The attractive part about SQUILT (by Mary Prather from Homegrown Learners) is the fact that you do not need to purchase any supplemental materials to go along with your music study. All notebook pages are printable and all listening is done online using links provided in the plans.

  • You will study ten pieces of music including pieces from Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel.
  • Designed to be completed over ten weeks.
  • Age level suggested: Preschool to Upper Elementary School.
  • Study of many instruments from the orchestra is included.
  • Reasonably priced at $8.99. Use the code below for 50% off!

I encourage you to click over and check out Volume 1 and see if it is something you can use in your homeschooling year.

Would you like a 50% off coupon code? Use the code HARMONY. Offer will be good until September 3rd at midnight ET.


I received a free copy of this program to review but I am sharing my honest opinion of this outstanding music appreciation course. This entry includes affiliate links.


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