Flashback Friday-Reading Record Idea

Homeschool reading log with stars

As part of the reading and literature plan that I had for my boys, I had them keep a Reading Record. This particular form is from the Spelling Power book but you could easily make one up or use a notebooking page from a set you have.

What made this one work for my boys when they were younger is the simplicity of it and the way we customized it by adding star stickers to show how much they liked the book. They used a scale of 1 to 5 (five was the highest).

This was simple and easy to get them do at the end of each week. They would share these records with me at the end of the week and I would have them explain why they gave a book the number of stars they recorded.

Another tip: I didn’t always correct every spelling mistake and punctuation error I found in this kind of writing. I made a note to cover the misspelled words in the weeks to come and to address the other errors during our more formal writing and grammar time. I learned to pick my battles.



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