Reviving the Habit of Letter Writing

Reviving the Habit of Letter Writing @harmonyartmom

I found a stash of old letters from a dear aunt this week as I was decluttering some drawers. What a treasure to sit and reread the words on the printed page! I remember the period of time when she would write me monthly letters and I would sit and answer her back during naptime. This was a time before computers, internet, and email.

I used to love to pull out my stationery and pick just the right pen to put my words on paper, sealing them up in pretty envelopes and adorning it with a fancy sticker or postage stamp. Walking it out to the mailbox would be a time to breathe a bit of air and notice the flowers planted along the front walk.

Why don’t we do that anymore?

Reviving the Habit of Letter Writing @harmonyartmom

Look at that 32 cent stamp!

Time…it takes time. Our world is a much faster pace world filled with electronic messages and type-written words. Faster is not always better. To carve out time to hand write a letter is like telling the recipient that they are worth the sacrifice of time. It is more than the writing of words that builds a bond between people, but the knowing that you matter.

In the future, our loved ones will not be able to pull a stack of old letters out of a drawer if we don’t write them.

I cannot tell you the pleasure of sitting and reminiscing about the times when the letters meant so much to me. Her words encourage me even now.

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