Summer Project List Updates and a SQUILT Offer

Summer Fun Update

My original Summer Fun List. I have still been working on my list….making progress.

French press coffee….yum! I am beginning to get the hang of making a good cup. I was wondering how you all get the grounds out of the bottom of the pot. Do you rinse them down the drain? I have been dumping the majority into the trash/compost bin and then rinsing what is left down the drain.

portrait wall in prgress

I have made headway on my new photo wall, gathering matching frames from other rooms and from my storage shelf. I now need to sit down and pick images to fill the frames. That is a little overwhelming.

homeschool library with workspace

I was sidetracked with lots of decluttering of my old “schoolroom”. I cleared shelves and then moved them all around to create more of a work space for myself. This was a lot of work.

homeschool library and workspace

After moving shelves, I moved my desktop computer and desk, sliding it down a bit and opening up a window space. (Looking at the image above I realize how blah the area is…going to need to add some color to the corner.)

birdfeeders from window

My other window looked out onto my birdfeeder area and I decided to reconfigure that with a couple new birdfeeders that I had acquired over the summer at clearance sales….actually one was completely free at the grand opening of a new feed store in town. I arranged the feeders so we can see them easily from the window and they are out of reach of the neighborhood cats. I still need to get some plants to add to this area but I have run out of steam.

Yosemite Rim Fire Smoke

We tried to complete another of the items from my list which was to drive over Hwy 108 from Sonora to the east side of the Sierra but the Rim Fire at Yosemite made so much smoke that we postponed the trip until later in the month or even into October. We may find fall colors in the trees if we wait.

Things left to do:

  • Make cloth napkins…still need to whip these up.
  • Two salad dressings-may not do this since I have found a new dressing I LOVE!!!
  • Organize my laundry room – this sort of got pushed aside when I did my schoolroom/work area instead.
  • Go river rafting-my husband has not had a day off in over seven weeks so we probably will have to wait on this one until next spring/summer.
  • Go to the Impressionist exhibit and the Cheesecake Factory with my daughter- she is working now and it is going to be hard for her to fit this trip in before the closing date of 10/13. We are not giving up though!




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